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In retrospect, I was never doing it wrong. Not when I was making health or parenting decisions with no evidentiary foundation. Not when I was questioning myself or my choices. Not even when I shut out my instincts and over-informed myself. This was my journey. This is how I learned who I am as a mother and what matters to me. This is how I learned who and what I DON’T want to be. This is how I developed a safety network of support people that I couldn’t have done without. This is how I become the mother that my kids need and the me that I know and even LOVE today!

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the crumbs stuck to your feet, the literal writing on your walls and the intensity of needs from all directions in your family? Parenting is messy. For every challenge there are countless joys and blessings but sometimes it can be hard to see the sunshine through the smudges. I’m …