Surviving a sick baby

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There’s nothing worse than a sick baby! While that’s not entirely true, in the moment I could be convinced otherwise.

“For me, the hardest part of having a sick baby is that life goes on. I still have to get all the other kids everywhere they are supposed to be with all materials needed on the right day and time. This feels impossible when my armful of hot, miserable baby feels like an active emergency.”

Some of my survival tips are:

Know when to take the risk and when to play it safe. If life is crazy, and time, energy and nerves are in short supply, it’s not the time to risk illness. Take extra precautions when there is extra concern.

Get real about the impact a sick baby has on your family. It really is that hard. Let life slow down a little and let some things slide. Operate on a bare minimum energy level.

Let people help you! All this people who asked how they could help when the baby was born that you didn’t ever want to bother… here’s your second chance. Let them help with older kids or bring a meal. It really is that hard.

Wear you baby when the show must go on to keep him or her AND you in the upright position.

Sick Baby Survival Essentials

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Best wishes to you and your little one too!

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