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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the crumbs stuck to your feet, the literal writing on your walls and the intensity of needs from all directions in your family? Parenting is messy. For every challenge there are countless joys and blessings but sometimes it can be hard to see the sunshine through the smudges.

I’m a mom of six from tiny to teens and the host of the soon-to-launch podcast, Beyond the Crumbs. I’m that mom whose diaper bag upends in a dirty parking lot, who doesn’t have all the answers, who feels overwhelmed and under qualified but who shows up anyway and loves her kids fiercely. I can’t tell you how to turn out perfect kids, or how to keep everyone in your life happy all the time.  But if you’d rather discover the many ways that you are enough for yourself and your family, if you are interested in minimizing stress and maximizing joy and in defining and living what’s most important to you as a parent, please tune in and learn along with me. Perfection is boring; let’s keep things interesting.

Subscribe to the podcast here and watch for the first episode in July 2019 where you can join me in my search for the sweet in the sticky parts of family life.

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